Justice with John Carpay

S02E20 The Injunction Abuse Continues

May 27, 2021 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 2 Episode 20
Justice with John Carpay
S02E20 The Injunction Abuse Continues
Show Notes

The abuse of power and subversion of the legal system by Alberta Health Services and Alberta’s police forces (discussed in last week’s podcast) are still going on. We get an update and discuss what can be done. Also, we look at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s weak attempt at using biblical arguments against the province’s pastors who continue to exercise their constitutional freedoms in the face of unscientific and unconstitutional lockdown restrictions.

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, May 18, 2021: Alberta Health Services illegally jails Pastor Tim Stephens

Jay Cameron and John Carpay in The Western Standard, May 21, 2021: Kenney misrepresents the Constitution & Bible in the same speech

The Canadian Encyclopedia: The War Measures Act

Global News via MSN, May 27, 2021: Canadians could travel safely within the country this summer, but with conditions: experts

The Canadian Press via Global News, May 18, 2021: Nova Scotia injunction blocking protests ‘unjustifiable’ limit on expression: CCLA

Licia Corbella in The Calgary Herald, May 12, 2021: Defiant Alberta pastors defame and blaspheme Jesus with their actions

CBC, May 26, 2021: 3-stage plan could see Alberta fully reopen by July, premier says

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