Justice with John Carpay

S02E11 Majority Oppose Bans on "Conversion Therapy"

March 18, 2021 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 2 Episode 11
Justice with John Carpay
S02E11 Majority Oppose Bans on "Conversion Therapy"
Show Notes

The show begins shortly after a Justice Centre press conference which featured a new public opinion poll that shows the vast majority of Canadians oppose the federal government's proposed law that removes choices from Canadian adults and from parents in caring for their own children. John explains why the Centre commissioned the poll. Then we highlight news stories we're following on Covid file. At the very end, we play an excerpt from the aforementioned press conference that features a young woman, formerly transgendered, who tells her story and gives her reasons for opposing the Liberal government's ban.

Justice Centre Press Release, Mar 16, 2021: New poll shows vast majority of Canadians support the right of adults to get the sexual counseling of their choice, counseling likely banned by “conversion therapy” legislation

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Mar 12, 2021: Pastor Coates has spent weeks in prison for a crime that is not punishable with jail time

Justice Centre News Release, Mar 17, 2021: Pastor James Coates to be released from jail as Crown withdraws charges

Grace Life Church, Edmonton

Viva Frei on Youtube, Mar 11, 2021: Pastor James Coates JAILED Until Trial? Live with John Carpay of the JCCF

Global News, Mar 4, 2021: Regulators caution Ontario doctor for ‘irresponsible’ tweets about COVID-19

The Constitutional Rights Centre

Constitutional Rights Centre, Statement of Claim, filed at Ontario Superior Court Dec 11, 2020 (PDF): Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill and Dr. Ashvinder Kaur Lamba (Plantiffs) and Dr. Angus Maciver et al (Defendants)

Youtube via Citizen Free Press: Canadian doctors speak out — Why you shouldn’t be afraid of Covid...

The Canadian Press via Yahoo News, Mar 13, 2021: Dr. Bonnie Henry's book offers insight into early days of the COVID-19 pandemic

True North Wire, Mar 16, 2021: Ontarians’ mental health continues to decline as lockdowns persist: poll

CMHA, Jan 15, 2021: MPP Baber mischaracterized mental health statistics: CMHA Ontario reaction

The Post Millennial, Mar 18, 2021: Former Conservative MPP suing Ford government over 'right to protest, pray & gather outdoors

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