Justice with John Carpay

S02E07 Hell Hotels and Freedom House

February 18, 2021 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 2 Episode 7
Justice with John Carpay
S02E07 Hell Hotels and Freedom House
Show Notes

We discuss the Trudeau government's latest measures to forcibly confine returning Canadian travellers in hotels, and the Justice Centre’s court action against these policies. We then tackle John’s Post Millennial column where he uses the criteria from the Freedom House international index, and applies it to Canada during the 2020 pandemic. Spoiler Alert: Canada's freedom score drops significantly.

Justice Centre Press Release, Feb 17, 2021: Justice Centre sues federal government for forcible confinement of travellers

National Post, Feb 16, 2021: Welcome to hotel of last resort, the government-run quarantine you really want to leave

Justice Centre Press Release, Feb 17, 2021: Manitoba Court to hear challenge to broad, unconstitutional powers of Provincial Health Officer

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Feb 16, 2021: Canada is at risk of joining the world's most repressive regimes in intolerance for free speech

The Guardian, Feb 12, 2021: Cuomo faces calls to resign amid allegations of hiding nursing home Covid deaths

NPR, Nov 21, 2020: Andrew Cuomo To Receive International Emmy For 'Masterful' COVID-19 Briefings

Justice Centre Press Release, Feb 17, 2021: Alberta Premier asked to release jailed pastor, end religious persecution

Canadian Press via MSN, Feb 16, 2021: Racialized adults on revised federal COVID-19 vaccination priority list

National Advisory Committee on Immunization Statement, Feb 15, 2021: Guidance on the prioritization of key populations for COVID-19 immunization

BMJ Global Health, Vol 6 Issue 1: Navigating inequities: a roadmap out of the pandemic

Global News, Dec 1, 2020: Vaccine advisory committee recommends new ranked roll-out, with long-term care at top

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