Justice with John Carpay

Ep. 47 Provinces Steamroll the Charter

November 26, 2020 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 1 Episode 47
Justice with John Carpay
Ep. 47 Provinces Steamroll the Charter
Show Notes

Governments across the country are bringing in harsh lockdown measures even though our health care system is not in danger of being overrun.  Canadians are wondering whether they have any real rights at all.  How does the Charter apply to this situation?  What is the Justice Centre going to do about this, and when?  We then look at an interesting court case, coming up December 2-4, that may end up repealing the current Federal Child Support Guidelines and replacing them with a more fair way to assign child support obligations following divorce.

John Carpay in the Western Standard, Nov 26, 2020: Kenney’s “not a lockdown” is very much one. And it’s more dangerous than COVID.

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Nov 20, 2020: Grinch politicians threaten to steal Christmas

Andre Picard in The Globe and Mail, Nov 24, 2020: Jason Kenney’s ‘balanced approach’ is a fast-track to failure

CTV News, Nov 25, 2020: Ontario's top doctor 'did not lead' province's COVID-19 response, auditor finds

Washington Times, Nov 23, 2020: Forget lockdowns: At home self testing can work for COVID-19 containment

Sebastian Rushworth M.D., Nov 25, 2020: New evidence on the effectiveness of lockdown

Also good
Sebastian Rushworth M.D., Nov 6, 2020: How accurate are the covid tests?

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Nov 27, 2020: Court challenge may force re-write of inequitable Federal Child Support laws

Christopher Sarlo at The Fraser Institute, Nov 26, 2020: The Distribution of the Canada Child Benefit by Family Type and Income Level

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