Justice with John Carpay

Justice with John Carpay Ep. 7

February 19, 2020 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 1 Episode 7
Justice with John Carpay
Justice with John Carpay Ep. 7
Show Notes

The topic for the first half is a case involving the banning of a film, Killing Europe, from the Ottawa Public Library. But legally, there isn't much to discuss, so we get to talk about the film instead. The second half of the show is dedicated to Christie Blatchford, recently deceased Canadian journalist and recipient of the Justice Centre's 2019 George Jonas Award.

Justice Centre Active Cases: Weld v. Ottawa Public Library

John Carpay in The Post Millenial, Sep 2019: ‘Killing Europe’ and killing politically incorrect expression

OAN on Youtube, May 21, 2018: Death of Free Speech in Canada (Interview with "Killing Europe" producer Michael Hansen)

The Telegraph, Dec 19, 2019: JK Rowling declares 'sex is real' in defiance of landmark employment court transgender ruling

DutchNews, Jun 25, 2019: Wilders’ appeal in anti-Moroccan due to restart, despite interference claims

DW Akademie, Dec 23, 2005: No Room for Holocaust Denial in Germany

DW Akademie, Jul 2, 2016: French parliament votes to criminalize denial of Armenian genocide

Daily Mail, Oct 25, 2018: Woman’s conviction in Austria for calling the Prophet Mohammed a paedophile did not breach her right to free speech, European Court of Human Rights rules

Alliance Defending Freedom International

The Irish Times, Feb 12, 2005: Pastor cleared over anti-gay sermon

Justice Centre News Release, Feb 12, 2020: Justice Centre pays tribute to Christie Blatchford; video of her 2019 speech

George Jonas in The National Post, Feb 28, 2012: Supreme Court ruling puts final nail in the coffin of religious freedom

CBC, Jun 13, 2019: MP Cooper's statements on NZ attacker will be purged from the official record

Toronto Star, Oct 27, 2018: New York Review of Books publishes responses to controversial Jian Ghomeshi essay

Patrick Witt in the Boston Globe, Nov 3, 2014: A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life

Ottawa Citizen, Dec 19, 2019: Former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle found not guilty on all counts

Theme music "Carpay Diem" by Dave Stevens

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