Justice with John Carpay

Justice with John Carpay Ep. 1

January 08, 2020 Host: John Carpay; Facilitator/Producer: Kevin Steel Season 1 Episode 1
Justice with John Carpay
Justice with John Carpay Ep. 1
Show Notes

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms launches their podcast in the New Year as the Centre is in the news. In December, the University of British Columbia banned American journalist Andy Ngo from speaking to the local campus free speech club, and now the Justice Centre has sent UBC a letter threatening legal action. This leads host John Carpay and facilitator Kevin Steel into a discussion about cancel culture, a recent ruling in a University of Alberta trial, and many other cases involving the hard working crew at the Justice Centre.
Theme Music "Carpay Diem"  by Dave Stevens

Justice Centre Press Release, Jan. 2, 2020: UBC faces legal action for canceling Andy Ngo event about Antifa violence

The Federalist, Jul. 2, 2019: I Was With Andy Ngo When The Antifa Attack Happened. Here Are The Horrifying Pictures

Justice Centre Press Release, Jan. 6, 2020: Free speech victory as Court rules against University of Alberta $17,500 security fee

StudioBruie on Youtube, Mar. 17, 2017: SJW mob shouts down Jordan Peterson at McMaster University

CBC, Mar. 22, 2017: McMaster president calls for commitment to academic freedom after derailed debate

The Cord on Youtube, Nov. 12, 2010: Protest at UW over event with Christie Blatchford gets heated

Justice Centre Out of Court Victory: JCCF v. University of Waterloo (MP Stephen Woodworth case)

UBC Free Speech Club Homepage

Lifesite News, Nov. 27, 2008: University of Calgary Pro-Life Students Defy Threats of Arrest over Pro-Life Display

Justice Centre, Our Cases: Wilson v. University of Calgary

Canadian Press via The Globe and Mail, May 9, 2012: Court sides with two Calgary university students in Facebook free-speech case

Amazon.ca: SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police

Justice Centre News Release, Oct. 15, 2019: New “secret” documents expose Justin Trudeau’s role in barring children’s camps from Canada Summer Jobs grants

Justice Centre News Release, Sep. 20, 2019: Constitutional challenge to Bill 24 discontinued following repeal of School Act

Justice Centre Out of Court Victories: C.D. and N.D. v. Alberta Child and Family Services

Supreme Court of Canada: Vriend v.

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