Justice with John Carpay

S04E20 A Case for All Regulated Professions

May 29, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 20
Justice with John Carpay
S04E20 A Case for All Regulated Professions
Show Notes

Lawyer Lisa Bildy (Twitter @LDBildy) joins Kevin to discuss Amy Hamm's case. Supported by the Justice Centre, Lisa has been defending the BC nurse against charges from her regulatory body, the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives, over her gender critical views. Later, Lisa talks about the recent Ontario Law Society bencher elections where her slate--running on a platform opposing financial bloat, mission creep and wokeness--lost to a group of establishment candidates.

Justice Centre, Jul 10, 2021: BC College of Nurses and Midwives v. Amy Hamm

Justice Centre, Jul 4, 2022: “Medically inaccurate” charge dropped against nurse facing discipline for gender critical statements

Megyn Kelly on Youtube, Feb 3, 2023: Nurse May Lose License for Believing in Biological Sex, with Amy Hamm

Justice Centre, Jan 10, 2023: Justice Centre continues to defend nurse Amy Hamm’s Charter rights today before disciplinary panel

The Spectator, Jan 20, 2021: Tavistock gender clinic whistleblowers have been vindicated

BC Provincial Health Services Aut hority, Feb 16, 2023: WPATH SOC-8: Changes to gender-affirming surgery in B.C.

New York Post, Mar 2, 2023: Kayla Lemieux, Canadian teacher with size-Z prosthetic breasts, placed on paid leave

CBC, Oct 6, 2020: Sask. nurse who was disciplined over Facebook comments wins court appeal

Justice Centre, Nov 12, 2020: Dr. Christopher Milburn v. Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons

CTV News, May 24, 2023: Emergency room doctors pen letter outlining health-care crisis in Alberta

Global News, Jan 4, 2023: Jordan Peterson says Ontario psychologist licence may be suspended over public statements

Law Times, May 1, 2023: Good Governance Coalition sweeps Law Society of Ontario bencher election

Bruce Pardy in The National Post, Mar 7, 2023: Ontario lawyers must vote against the woke onslaught

Bruce Pardy in The National Post, Mar 7, 2023: Law Society rebellion has been vanquished. Long live the equity revolution!

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