Justice with John Carpay

S04E19 Manufacturing Hate

May 23, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 19
Justice with John Carpay
S04E19 Manufacturing Hate
Show Notes

John discusses his latest column on Carolyn Burjoski, followed by commentary on the arrest of teenager Josh Alexander in Calgary. That brings us to the subject of the hate industry in Canada and the US. We finish with topics like the Rebel News's CBC-Twitter exposé, Linda Frum's victory in court, and remarks from US Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

John Carpay in The Justice Centre, May 17, 2023: Free-speech teacher fights back against a woke school board

Justice Centre, Jan 10, 2023: Justice Centre continues to defend nurse Amy Hamm’s Charter rights today before disciplinary panel

Josh Alexander on Twitter May 17, 2023: "According to Calgary police, my views were too "inflammatory" to be expressed near the Western Canada HS..."

Calgary Herald, May 17, 2023: Anti-transgender protesters confronted outside Calgary high school

LifeSite News, Feb 6, 2023: Ontario police arrest Josh Alexander, who protested boys in girls’ bathrooms, for attending class

American Greatness, May 16, 2023: The Hate Industry

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Canada Heritage, Jun 29, 2022: Government of Canada and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network launch Anti-Hate toolkit for Canadian schools

Kellie-Jay Keen's site Standing for Women

Toronto Star, Feb 25, 2023: Justin Trudeau rips Conservatives over Tory MPs’ meeting with known extremist

Rebel News, May 4, 2023: Docs show CBC president pushed Twitter to censor its critics

News Lists: 181 Hate Crime Hoaxes

Good Reads: Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War by Wilfred Reilly

Racket News, May 19, 2023: A Century of Censorship

Globe and Mail, May 16, 2023: Former Conservative senator Linda Frum wins defamation case she says was designed to silence her

Brownstone Institute, May 18, 2023: Justice Neil Gorsuch Speaks Out Against Lockdowns and Mandates

John Carpay in The National Post, May 18, 2023: Rights were trampled upon during COVID. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again

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