Justice with John Carpay

S04E17 Recommendations and a Petition

May 08, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 17
Justice with John Carpay
S04E17 Recommendations and a Petition
Show Notes

John reviews some of the things he heard and said at the National Citizens Inquiry into Canada's Response to Covid-19 in Red Deer where, in his testimony, he put 18 recommendations on the record. He then tells us about a new Justice Centre petition to lobby the federal government into limiting the use of digital IDs. We discuss the global attack on free speech, and finish up by looking at a new report on the poor economic recovery, following the pandemic restrictions, in downtowns across North America.

UPDATE: Justice Centre Petition to protect Canadians’ privacy and stop centralized digital ID

Justice Centre Weekly on Youtube, Apr 28, 2023: Testifying on the Impacts of Covid-19 at NCI with John Carpay

National Citizens Inquiry on Rumble, May 4, 2023: John Carpay's Testimony on Legal Representation Against COVID Mandates

National Citizens Inquiry - Canada's Response to Covid-19

National Citizens Inquiry on Rumble, May 4, 2023: Dr. Eric Payne's Testimony on the Dangers of COVID-19 "Vaccines" for Children

National Citizens Inquiry on Rumble, May 4, 2023: Canada Deviated From Strategic Pandemic Response Lt. Colonel David Redman

Justice Centre, Apr 4, 2023: Digital ID, Surveillance, and the Value of Privacy

Gov of Canada: Privacy Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. P-21)

Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag in Zerohedge, May 3, 2023: World On Cusp Of Woke Totalitarianism As Governments Act To End Freedom Of Speech

Justice Centre, Apr 28, 2023: Justice Centre’s Statement on Bill C-11, The Online Streaming Act, receiving Royal Assent

Toronto Sun, May 5, 2023: CRTC mulls banning Fox News after complaint from LGBTQ2 group

The Canadian Press via Global News, Feb 4, 2022: Liberals to reintroduce anti-hate bill ‘as soon as possible,’ minister says

Charles J. Chaput Quotes on Goodreads: "Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good."

University of Toronto, School of Cities, Apr 25, 2023: Death of Downtown? Pandemic Recovery Trajectories across 63 North American Cities

The Globe and Mail, Apr 3, 2023: Canada’s downtown office vacancy rate hits 19 per cent as workers embrace remote work

CTV News, May 3, 2023: PSAC strike signals shifting perception of remote work

Theme Music "Carpay Diem" by Dave Stevens

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