Justice with John Carpay

S04E16 Push Back on Wokeism

April 25, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 16
Justice with John Carpay
S04E16 Push Back on Wokeism
Show Notes

We begin with an excerpt from a Justice Centre video in which our client, school trustee Linda Stone, explains why she is suing the Durham District School Board. John explains why he sees this as an important case. Then we discuss the politicization of the legal profession with reference to the Ontario Law Society bencher elections. Finally, John gives us a preview of his presentation to the National Citizens Inquiry into Canada's Response to Covid-19 in Red Deer on Apr 28.

Justice Centre, Apr 18, 2023: Trustee censured for asking questions about Board policies files court application against school board

Justice Centre on Youtube, Apr 18, 2023: Censored and bullied Ontario school board Trustee, Linda Stone

Justice Centre, Jun 27, 2022: Burjoski v. Waterloo Region District School Board

Michelle LA on Twitter, Apr 17, 2023: "I was told I'm not allowed to record, or ask certain questions, but that didn't stop us. Sorry about the video, had to hide my phone"

True North, Apr 20,2023: Petition to oust woke Chilliwack school board chair surges

LifeSite News, Apr 21, 2017: Alberta gov’t seems more troubled by Catholicism than exposing kids to pornography


Good Governance Coalition

Ryan Alford in The National Post, Apr 16, 2023: Law Society of Ontario election a choice between aristocracy and professional liberty

Amazon.ca: Seven Absolute Rights: Recovering the Historical Foundations of Canada's Rule of Law by Ryan Alford

The Washington Free Beacon, Apr 13, 2023: The Big Law Bias: To Represent Conservative Clients, Top Lawyers Often Forced To Leave Their Firms

Jordon Sather Substack, Jordan's Newsletter, Apr 13, 2023: The Real Reason Mega-Corporations Are Going Woke

The Post Millennial, Apr 21, 2023: Budweiser marketing VP behind Dylan Mulvaney partnership takes leave of absence, replaced by senior exec Todd Allen

Western Standard, Oct 23, 2020: Transgender candidate an unlikely voice in BC’s election

National Citizens Inquiry: Canada's Response to Covid-19

Justice Centre, May 13, 2020: No longer demonstrably justified: An Analysis of Alberta’s COVID-19 Modelling

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