Justice with John Carpay

S04E15 Digital ID: The Good and the Bad

April 18, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 15
Justice with John Carpay
S04E15 Digital ID: The Good and the Bad
Show Notes

We discuss the Justice Centre report "Digital ID, Surveillance, and the Value of Privacy" by our Education Programs Coordinator Luke Neilson. The report makes a distinction between the benefits of some types of digital IDs--like better authentication of a person's identity--and more invasive types that collect and centralize large amounts of personal information which may be abused. Later in the show we shine a spotlight on the National Citizen's Inquiry into Canada's Covid-19 response.

Justice Centre Report, Apr 4, 2023 (PDF): Digital ID, Surveillance, and the Value of Privacy

World Jewish Congress: How did the Germans know who was Jewish?

Watch Documentaries, 2011: All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

National Post, Feb 13, 2015: Gun grab in High River was a serious RCMP failure

CTV News, Jan 27, 2022: A look at Canada's vaccine mandates and public health restrictions

Justice Centre, Jan 11, 2023: Terminally Ill Woman in Need of an Organ Transplant Asks Supreme Court of Canada to Decide Constitutionality of Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement

CBC, Apr 1, 2022: Saskatchewan quashes digital ID plan — for now

Britannica, Updated Feb 22, 23: Air India Flight 182 disaster

National Post, Dec 24, 2021: Canada's public health agency admits it tracked 33 million mobile devices during lockdown

National Citizens Inquiry Canada's Response to Covid-19

National Citizens Inquiry on Rumble, Apr 6, 2023: Retired Police Officer Vincent Gircys Testimony - Toronto Day 3 - National Citizens Inquiry

National Citizens Inquiry on Rumble, Apr 15, 2023: CBC News Coverage of the National Citizens Inquiry Winnipeg Day 1

The Canadian Press via National Post, Apr 17, 2023: CBC 'pausing' its use of Twitter after 'government-funded media' label applied

Michael Geist, Apr 13, 2023: Government Departments Pressure Social Media Sites to Censor News Links, Mean Tweets

True North, Apr 16, 2023: Feds’ caught attempting to suppress article on refugee policy (ft. Lorne Gunter)

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