Justice with John Carpay

S04E10 They Show Their Hand

March 14, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 10
Justice with John Carpay
S04E10 They Show Their Hand
Show Notes

We cover four subjects, starting with an update on the City of Calgary and its latest bylaw to curtail free expression. Then we talk about Bill C-11, an attempt by the federal government to gain control over speech on the internet using the CRTC. From there we move on to the subject of de-banking to try and determine if there are any rights violations. We finish with a discussion of 15-minute cities and their potential to limit mobility.

Community Services Report to Regular Meeting of Council: Public Behaviour Bylaw 54M2006

CBC, Mar 13, 2023: Lawyer says proposed Calgary bylaw following drag event protests is 'problematic'

Globe and Mail, Mar 7, 2023: Heritage Minister rejects key C-11 amendment, puts himself on potential collision course with Senators

Paula Simons in The National Post, Jun 15, 2022: We cannot fight hate by criminalizing speech, no matter how vile

Michael Geist, Mar 8, 2023: Government Rejection of Key Senate Bill C-11 Amendment Reveals Its True Intent: Retain Power to Regulate User Content

True North, Mar 8, 2023: Liberals reject online user content protections for Bill C-11

Dr. Pennsylvania Adams on Twitter, Mar 8, 2023: "BMO has debanked me..."

Mondaq, Dec 4, 2020: United States: Proposed Rule Addresses "De-Banking" And Politically Driven Lending Practices

The Post Millennial, Mar 1, 2023: Canadian trans shop teacher with massive prosthetic breasts no longer teaching at school

Reddit discussion, Mar 5, 2023: DYSTOPIAN UPDATE: In China's 15 minute cities you need a face scan to go back to your home. You need to do a face scan to LEAVE your neighbourhood zone as well

Kristin Take in The Hill, Feb 2, 2022: Coming soon: Climate lockdowns?

ITV, Mar 9, 2023: Vandals sabotage controversial pollution cameras meant to police Sadiq Khan's ULEZ zone

CTV News, Feb 26, 2023: How '15-minute cities' turned into an international conspiracy theory

Toronto Star, Mar 7, 2023: How 15-Minute City fears came to Canada — and how one politician is trying to walk people through them

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