Justice with John Carpay

S04E09 Still Keeping Us "Safe"

March 07, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 9
Justice with John Carpay
S04E09 Still Keeping Us "Safe"
Show Notes

John gives his take on the City of Calgary's street harassment bylaw in the wake of protests against drag queen story hour in public libraries. No government takes away rights without promising something in return, and here they are promising—yet again—"safety." In the last ten minutes, John and Kevin discuss the news that the Chinese government has been interfering in Canadian elections, and they try to determine whether there are any Charter issues involved.

Mirror, Mar 5, 2023: WhatsApps show Hancock wanted to 'deploy' new Covid variant to 'frighten pants off' public

City of Calgary: Street Harrassment

The Canadian Press via CBC, Mar 3, 2023: Police say charges laid in hate-motivated crime after drag storytime disturbance

Keean Bexte on Twitter, Mar 4, 2023: FULL VIDEO: Two assaults that took place at the hands of radical trans-activists in downtown Calgary after they were provoked by insane Mayor Jodie Gondek.

Chris Selley in The National Post via MSM, Mar 4, 2023: Calgary mayor's would-be crackdown on free speech should alarm everyone

Calgary Herald, Feb 10, 2023: Gondek says street harassment bylaw will be used against drag protesters

Global News, Feb 20, 2023: Calgary teens may face street harassment fines for counter-protesting anti-LGBTQ group

The Democracy Fund on Twitter, Feb 15, 2023: We will be helping protesters charged in Calgary under Mayor Jyoti Gondek's plan to enforce a harassment bylaw on protests she disagrees with.

Citizen Free Press, Mar 3, 2023: Tucker Carlson… There’s a war against Christians…

Justice Centre, Feb 15, 2023: BC Churches Charged for Holding Worship Services Ask Supreme Court of Canada to Hear Their Case

Justice Centre, Oct 16, 2019: Murphy v. Vancouver Public Library

@bdeena on Twitter, Mar 4, 2023: "Why are drag queens allowed in the Athletes Village?  Parents aren’t."

East Idaho News, Feb 13, 2023: Local drag queen reading time attracts a packed house — but those in attendance weren’t fans

Fox News, Sep 18, 2018: Ben Shapiro: Who is he and why is he so controversial?

True North, Mar 5, 2023: The Chinese election interference scandal is far from over

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