Justice with John Carpay

S04E07 Not a Great Day for Canada

February 22, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 7
Justice with John Carpay
S04E07 Not a Great Day for Canada
Show Notes

John takes a look through the first volume of the Public Order Emergency Commission's report–released on February 17. He finds evidence of bias from the authors, particularly when writing about the beliefs of the protestors, which, John says, should have no relevance on whether the invocation of the Emergencies Act was justified. At the end of the show, John focuses on the report's Recommendation 53, which he calls a frontal assault on free speech in Canada.

Public Order Emergency Commission, Feb 17, 2023: Final Report

Justice Centre, Feb 17, 2023: Justice Centre Disappointed with Commissioner Rouleau’s Conclusion that Invocation of Emergencies Act was Justified

Justice Centre, Feb 17, 2023: The Justice Centre’s Work to Defend Peaceful Protest

Justice Centre, Dec 1, 2022: Jost et al. v. Canada

Justice Centre at the POEC Twitter

The Globe and Mail, Feb 17, 2023: CSIS documents reveal Chinese strategy to influence Canada’s 2021 election

True North, Feb 18, 2023: “A dark day for Canada”: Tamara Lich responds to Emergencies Act report

Rebel News on Youtube, Feb 18, 2023: Freedom Convoy Lawyer reacts to Emergency Commission ruling clearing Trudeau: "dark day for Canada"

Anthony Furey in True North, Feb 20, 2023: Is the stage set for future abuses of the Emergencies Act?

The Counter Signal, Feb 17, 2023: Rouleau says misinformation discredited freedom protesters

CTV News, Feb 18, 2023: Protesters rally on Parliament Hill on anniversary of 'Freedom Convoy' removal

CPAC on Youtube, Feb 17, 2023: Civil liberties group reacts to the Emergencies Act inquiry’s report

Alan Honner (Demcracy Fund) on the Andrew Lawton Show, Feb 17, 2023: Public Order Emergency Commission defends use of Emergencies Act

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