Justice with John Carpay

S04E04 The Lawsuit Against the Convoy

January 30, 2023 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 4 Episode 4
Justice with John Carpay
S04E04 The Lawsuit Against the Convoy
Show Notes

Justice Centre lawyer James Manson gives us an update on the class action lawsuit brought by Zexi Li et al. in Ottawa against those involved in last year's Freedom Convoy, the protestors and the donors. The parties were in court recently arguing a Motion to Amend and a Motion to Strike, trying to resolve who, exactly, is being sued for what. It's not clear and that's a problem.

Justice Centre, Jan 24, 2023: Motion to Strike Lawsuit Against Freedom Convoy Protestors Before Ontario Court Today

LinkedIn: James Manson

CanLII: Class Proceedings Act, 1992

CBC, Jan 6, 2023: N.B. convoy donor fighting motion to name him in lawsuit

Global News, Feb 8, 2022: Trucker convoy: Here’s what the 10-day injunction against horns includes

CBC, Feb 28, 2022: Court extends rare order to freeze up to $20M in crypto, cash donations to 'Freedom Convoy'

Wagner Sidlofsky LLP, Nov 21, 2019: Going nuclear: Freezing assets with a Mareva injunction

CBC, May 2, 2022: Almost $6M in Freedom Convoy money captured as months-long injunction ends

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