Justice with John Carpay

S03E50 Our Year in Review

December 30, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 50
Justice with John Carpay
S03E50 Our Year in Review
Show Notes

John comments on his recent Western Standard column about his Dutch ancestors and how they inspire him to continue the fight for freedom. Then he and Kevin go through the Justice Centre press release archive to pick out the best and the worst from a very eventful 2022. The passing year included the Freedom Convoy, the Public Order Emergency Commission and a sad loss in an organ transplant case, among other things.

John Carpay in The Western Standard, Dec 27, 2022: Canadians in 2023 can take an example from 1940s Holland

Mar 24: Tamara Lich appeals bail conditions that violate her Charter freedoms

Nov 22: Justice Centre at Public Inquiry into Use of Emergencies Act – Watch the Videos Here

Dec 1: Jost et al. v. Canada

Jan 26: The Charter’s only living signatory sues Canada over travel mandates

Oct 21: Federal Court Strikes Down Travel Ban Legal Challenge for Mootness

Sep 21: Nurse Amy Hamm fights for sex-based freedom of expression today in Court

Jun 24: Saskatchewan surgeon sues Health Authority and College of Medicine after being terminated and defamed for questioning covid vaccines for children

Feb 1: Victory for Charter rights and freedoms as Québec scraps punitive tax against vaccine-free

Apr 29: City of Calgary surrenders as citizens seek to challenge court injunction

Nov 7: SK Nurses College Drops Discipline Threat Against Nurse Expressing Counter-Narrative Views on Covid

Jul 7: BC firefighter reinstated after Justice Centre demand letter

Nov 8: Alberta Court of Appeal Upholds Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for Transplant Candidates

Dec 12: Court Ruling Fails to Resolve the Issue of Coercive Imposition of Spiritual Practices on Children

Sep 15: Justice Centre releases new Report on excess deaths caused by government interventions

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