Justice with John Carpay

S03E45 A Broad Interpretation

November 21, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 45
Justice with John Carpay
S03E45 A Broad Interpretation
Show Notes

John focuses on the testimony of Jody Thomas, the National Security and Intelligence Advisor to the PM, at the Public Order Emergency Commission hearing on November 17. He is critical of what Thomas called her "broad interpretation" of Canada's Emergencies Act, pointing out that it basically gives the federal government the right to declare an emergency at any time or for anything, which is the opposite of what is intended. Later, John calls for a public pressure campaign to save the life of Sheila Annette Lewis, who cannot get a life-saving transplant operation because she has refused the experimental Covid vaccine.

Public Order Emergency Commission

Carson Jerema in the National Post, Nov 19. 2022: Trudeau adviser decided to pretend Freedom Convoy was a security threat

Justice Centre on Youtube, Nov 17, 2022: Day 25 - Miller cross-examines Thomas

Justice Centre on Youtube, Nov 18, 2022: Day 26 - Miller cross-examines Charette and Drouin

POEC archive, Nov 18, 2022: CCF cross-examines Charette and Drouin on briefing full cabinet of the CSIS analysis, Time 7:42:11

Toronto Star, Nov 17, 2022: Justin Trudeau’s top security adviser contradicts top Mountie Brenda Lucki at ‘Freedom Convoy’ inquiry

Justice Centre on Youtube, Nov 17, 2022: Day 25 - Kittredge cross-examines Thomas

Justice Centre on Youtube, Nov 16, 2022: Day 24 - Kheir cross-examines Ossowski

John Carpay in the Western Standard, Nov 19, 2022: Alberta Health Services consigns patients to death, based on vaccine status

John Carpay in Epoch Times, Nov 19, 2022: Denying Life-saving Organ Transplant to Unvaccinated Woman Breaks Every Ethics Rule

Justice Centre, Nov 8, 2022: Alberta Court of Appeal Upholds Covid-19 Vaccine Requirement for Transplant Candidates

CTV Calgary, Jul 5, 2022: Deaths with unknown causes now Alberta's top killer: province

CityNews, Oct 11, 2022: Danielle Smith calls unvaccinated 'most discriminated-against group' in her lifetime

CBC, Nov 17, 2022: Premier Danielle Smith fires Alberta Health Services board, appoints administrator

Justice Centre, Nov 15, 2022: Alberta Health Services sentences transplant patients to die – contact Premier Danielle Smith to change this policy

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