Justice with John Carpay

S03E44 Hatim's Highlights

November 14, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 44
Justice with John Carpay
S03E44 Hatim's Highlights
Show Notes

Kevin speaks with Justice Centre lawyer Hatim Kheir, who is working with the team that has standing at the Public Order Emergency Commission hearing in Ottawa. The hearings are examining the government's justification for invoking the Emergencies Act to end the Freedom Convoy protest last February. Hatim has been posting daily updates on witness testimony, and here he gives his round-up for the week. As well, he has some insight into what he sees coming in the week ahead.

Public Order Emergency Commission

Justice Centre's Youtube Channel (with daily updates by Hatim Kheir)

Rebel News, Nov 10, 2022: Coutts protester facing 10 years in prison testifies | Recapping Trucker Commission Day 19

True North, Nov 9, 2022: Coutts blockade made up of “neighbours”, supported by residents, says mayor | Day 20 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings

Rebel News, Nov 11, 2022: Coutts mayor describes blockade protesters as 'domestic terrorists' | Recapping Trucker Commission Day 20

Andrew Lawton Show on True North, Nov 9, 2022: The Andrew Lawton Show | Trudeau told Ford police didn’t need more “tools” to deal with protests

Globe and Mail, Nov 9, 2022: More than 100 tow truck companies refused to help RCMP clear Coutts blockade, document says

True North, Nov 10, 2022: Day 21 Recap of Emergencies Act hearings | No concerns about convoy crime, says govt official

Rebel News, Nov 9. 2022: Trudeau was annoyed he could not put political pressure on OPP during the Windsor blockade

Toronto Star, Nov 10, 2022: Tow truckers told RCMP they were paid to refuse help clearing Alberta border blockade, Emergencies Act inquiry hears

Ottawa Citizen, Feb 10, 2022: Federal government tried to 'wash its hands' of responsibility in convoy protests: Ontario deputy minister

POEC Webcast, Nov 19, 2022: Day 19 - Alan Honner cross-examines OPP's Dana Earley (starts at 2:28:40)

Justice Centre on Youtube, Nov 10, 2022: Day 21 - Miller cross-examines Degrand

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