Justice with John Carpay

S03E43 CBC's "Reality Bubble"

November 07, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 43
Justice with John Carpay
S03E43 CBC's "Reality Bubble"
Show Notes

We begin this week's recap of the Public Order Emergency Commission by listening to a section of a CBC recap about the same topic. One CBC professor pundit says that protestors were in their own "reality bubble." That sets the stage for us to discuss a week filled with interesting testimony from witnesses like Tamara Lich, with perspectives on the Freedom Convoy from outside the mainstream media's own reality bubble.

Public Order Emergency Commission Live Webcast page

CBC, Nov 4, 2022: What we learned from trucker convoy organizers' testimony

Daily Caller, Oct 12, 2022: Pfizer Exec Admits Vaccines Weren’t Tested For Stopping Transmission Before Hitting Market

Life Site News, Jan 3, 2022: Trudeau calls unvaccinated Canadians ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists’ in unhinged interview

Justice Centre, Oct 21, 2022: Federal Court Strikes Down Travel Ban Legal Challenge for Mootness

POEC archive, Day 16, Nov 3, 2022: Daniel Shepherd, POEC senior counsel, presents a report on Convoy financing (starts at day's beginning)

POEC archive, Day 16, Nov 3, 2022: Tamara Lich testimony (starts at approx 7:33:40)

POEC archive, Day 17, Nov 4, 2022: Tamara Lich cross-examinations (starts at beginning of the day)

CBC, Feb 14, 2022: Hacked convoy data shows more than half of donations came from U.S.

Justice Centre Youtube Channel with POEC updates by Hatim Kheir

Ottawa Citizen via MSN, Feb 16, 2022: Prominent Black community leaders say Peter Sloly was 'sabotaged' and 'scapegoated' as police chief

CBC, Feb 15, 2022: Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa's police chief, says force now 'better positioned to end this occupation'

Breitbart, Jan 31, 2022: Justin Trudeau on Dodging ‘Tinfoil Hat’ Truckers: I Talk to Protesters ‘I Agree With,’ Like BLM

Rachel Gilmore, CTV News, Aug 23, 2022: Diagolon: What to know about the group whose founder shook Pierre Poilievre’s hand

CTV News, Feb 16, 2022: Analysis of guns and ammunition seized near Coutts, Alta. blockade

Edmonton City News, Aug 2, 2022: 'Hypocrisy': Alberta's healthcare workers outraged over Hinshaw's bonus amid health cuts

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