Justice with John Carpay

S03E42 No Peaceful Resolutions?

October 31, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 42
Justice with John Carpay
S03E42 No Peaceful Resolutions?
Show Notes

John and Kevin discuss the revelation from the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings in Ottawa this week. The federal government had not one, but two, peaceful solutions to end the protest in Ottawa, but these were ignored as they invoked the Emergencies Act. Later, John takes us through a list of laws governments could have used to end the demonstrations short of using emergencies powers.

Public Order Emergency Commission (Webcast, Video Archive and Transcripts)

Justice Centre on Youtube, Oct 27, 2022: Day 9 - Miller cross-examines Beaudin

Epoch Times, Oct 25, 2022: Public Safety Minister's Deputy Sought Engagement with Convoy Protestors but was Denied

SaskToday, Oct 18, 2022: City of Ottawa had reached deal with truckers days before Emergencies Act invoked

Valour Canada: The FLQ Crisis

CBC, Feb 7, 2022: Court grants injunction to silence honking in downtown Ottawa for 10 days

CTV, Feb 13, 2022: Ambassador Bridge reopens after week-long protest

Justice Centre, May 13, 2021: Court injunction banning peaceful protests tramples Charter freedoms

IMDb: Gandhi (1982)

Justice Centre on Youtube, Oct 27, 2022: Day 10 - Van Den Berg cross-examines Bernier

CTV, Oct 23, 2022: NDP unlikely to pull support for Liberals if commission concludes use of Emergencies Act was unjustified: Singh

Paul Wells Substack, Oct 29, 2022: Sloly Was In Trouble

The Canadian Press via National Newswatch, Oct 30, 2022: Emergencies Act inquiry to hear from ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest organizers this week

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