Justice with John Carpay

S03E41 Three Narratives Collapse

October 24, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 41
Justice with John Carpay
S03E41 Three Narratives Collapse
Show Notes

Kevin updates John on hearings at the Public Order Emergency Commission in Ottawa over the last week. Three key government/mainstream media narratives have bit the dust. They are: 1) Negotiations were impossible and/or failed. 2) The convoy was seeking to overthrown the government. 3) Ottawa police were taken by surprise when the convoy stayed past the first weekend. All untrue. Later, John comments on the latest news that the federal court decided that the Peckford travel mandate challenge is moot.

Public Order Emergency Commission Webcast page (Note: video archive and transcripts updated daily)

Rupa Subramanya in the National Post via MSN, Oct 21, 2022: Justin Trudeau's case against the Freedom Convoy falls on its face

The Andrew Lawton Show on Google Podcasts, Oct5, 2022: Holding the government accountable for the Emergencies Act (with Keith Wilson)

Canadian Riley on Youtube, Oct 19, 2022: Mathieu Fleury asked to define microaggression Catherine McKenney caught on mic coaching what to say

Wikipedia: Downtown Ottawa ("The total population of the area is 4,876")

The Counter Signal, Oct 18, 2022: Ottawa’s mayor admits negotiations worked with protestors the one time they were attempted

True North, Oct 21, 2022: Emergencies Act not required: OPP officer | Day 7 recap of Emergencies Act hearings

Canadian Encyclopedia: The FLQ and the October Crisis

Justice Centre, Oct 21, 2022: Justice Centre Urges Public Inquiry to Call CEO of CBC to Testify

Andy Ngo in New York Post, Jun 20, 2022: My terrifying five-day stay inside Seattle’s cop-free CHAZ

The Counter Signal, Jun 9, 2022: Every time Marco Mendicino falsely said police requested Emergencies Act

The National Post, May 11, 2022: RCMP didn't ask for Emergencies Act to be invoked, commissioner tells Commons committee

Justice Centre, Oct 21, 2022: Federal Court Strikes Down Travel Ban Legal Challenge for Mootness

CBC via MSN, Oct 17, 2022: Trudeau urges Canadians to get their COVID, flu shots to avoid other health measures

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