Justice with John Carpay

S03E39 A Primer on the POEC

October 11, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 39
Justice with John Carpay
S03E39 A Primer on the POEC
Show Notes

Lawyers Hatim Kheir and Eva Chipiuk join Kevin to give us an introduction to the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), which starts on Thursday, October 13, in Ottawa. They explain the format, the rules, the implications, and the knowns and unknowns, of this historic process. This is the first POEC, following the first-ever invocation of the Emergencies Act in February of 2022, when the federal government shut down the freedom rights movement in the capital.

Public Order Emergency Commission

Department of Justice Canada: Canada’s Emergencies Act Backgrounder

Global News, Oct 11, 2022: Here’s who will testify this week as Emergencies Act public inquiry hearings begin

Hill Times, Oct 10, 2022: Trudeau’s upcoming appearance before Emergencies Act Inquiry politically ‘risky,’ say political players

LifeSite News, Aug 12, 2022: Trudeau gov’t ignored negotiation ‘breakthrough’ with truckers before invoking Emergencies Act

True North, Jun 28, 2022:  Liberals waive cabinet confidence for Emergencies Act evidence

The Post Millennial, Mar 21, 2022: Freedom Convoy arson hoax spread by Canadian media debunked

The Post Millennial, Jan 29, 2022: CBC suggests that Russia is behind Canadian Truckers’ Freedom Convoy

Washington Examiner, Jan 31, 2022: Man with confederate flag told to leave by Ottawa truckers: 'We called him out'

CBC, Mar 6, 2022: The committee reviewing Trudeau's use of the Emergencies Act faces a daunting task

Safe Space Cafe on Youtube, Jun 14, 2022: MP Freeland Did You Not Say... MP Brock Sizzles Liberals In Emergency Act Investigation

The Canadian News, Feb 19, 2022: Emergencies Act: CCLA files application for judicial review

National Post, Aug 8, 2022: Federal court hears preliminary arguments in Emergencies Act legal challenge

Capital Current, Oct 4, 2022: 'The police stood idly by:' Ottawa residents recount impact of convoy occupation to Ottawa People’s Commission

Canadian Covid Care Alliance: A Citizens' Hearing

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