Justice with John Carpay

S03E18 More Hyperbolic Ottawa "Trauma"

May 03, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 18
Justice with John Carpay
S03E18 More Hyperbolic Ottawa "Trauma"
Show Notes

We take a look at the Rolling Thunder biker protest in Ottawa this past weekend, paying particular attention to the emotional exaggerations of Ottawa’s police chief prior to this event. Then we review some recent Justice Centre developments such as Covid tickets dropped in Saskatchewan, the injunction against protesters dropped in Calgary, and a recent ruling in the Alberta lockdown challenge that cabinet privilege will not be extended to the chief medical officer.

Justice Centre, Apr 29, 2022: Justice Centre warns Ottawa that a vehicle ban to stop motorcycle convoy is unconstitutional

Western Standard, Apr 27, 2022: Ottawa Police set ground rules for ‘Rolling Thunder’ event

Counter Signal, Apr 30, 2022: Ottawa police begin arresting Rolling Thunder demonstrators

We Unify Canada on Youtube, Jan 31, 2022: Brian Peckford's Speech at Convoy For Freedom 2022 Victoria BC

The Canadian Press via National Newswatch, May 1, 2022: Ottawa biker church vandalized as Rolling Thunder rally wraps up

CBC, Apr 29, 2022: Ottawa police arrest 7, tow vehicles on Day 1 of weekend rally

Justice Centre, Apr 29, 2022: City of Calgary surrenders as citizens seek to challenge court injunction

Calgary Sun via MSN, May 2, 2022: Flames can finally prove themselves in NHL playoffs

Justice Centre, Feb 16, 2021: The new normal in Alberta: pastors in jail for holding church services?

Justice Centre, Apr 26, 2022: Crown drops more Saskatchewan Covid tickets

Calgary Herald, Apr 26, 2022: Judge rules Hinshaw not protected by cabinet confidentiality in case questioning COVID-19 restrictions

Canadian Press, Apr 27, 2022: Justice minister invokes cabinet secrecy around use of Emergencies Act

Global News, April 30, 2022: Downplaying risks from Ottawa trucker convoy after the fact is ‘revisionist’: minister

Hill Times, Apr 29, 2022: ‘Near-absolute’ cabinet immunity needs judicial oversight to protect against possible abuse of power, says expert

Andrew Coyne on Twitter, Apr 29, 2022: This is disgraceful, but mostly it's just sad.

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