Justice with John Carpay

S03E13 How to Become a Tyrant... in Canada

March 28, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 13
Justice with John Carpay
S03E13 How to Become a Tyrant... in Canada
Show Notes

John takes us through the Netflix series 'How to become a tyrant' and why it’s relevant for Canada today. This Netflix series provides many examples of how governments across Canada have followed the tyrant's playbook, from initial lockdowns through to recently crushed protests and the arrests of political opponents. We also note that the Alberta government has backed down from its plans to scrap traffic court and kill the presumption of innocence, something we've discussed in past programs.

John Carpay in The Post Millennial, Mar 24, 2022: Netflix series 'How to become a tyrant' provides lessons for Canadians

Calgary Sun, Mar 24, 2022: 'DICTATORSHIP OF THE WORST KIND': European MPs blast Trudeau for COVID 'rights violation'

Rex Murphy in the National Post, Mar 26, 2022: Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau has become a punchline on the world stage — for good reason

True North, Mar 19, 2022: Five times Liberal claims about the Freedom Convoy were officially disputed

The Post Millennial, Mar 22, 2022: WATCH: Video shows every time Liberal/NDP MPs lied about arson being linked to Freedom Convoy

Rebel News, Mar 24, 2022: Ottawa interim police chief: No weapons found during Freedom Convoy dismantling

New York Post, Mar 24, 2022: CEOs of major US airlines urge Biden to drop masks on planes

Western Standard, Mar 22, 2022: WATCH: Sunday Calgary freedom rally video recap

Counter Signal, Mar 23, 2022: Liberals consider using Digital ID to hunt down the unvaccinated

Justice Centre, Mar 24, 2022: Tamara Lich appeals bail conditions that violate her Charter freedoms

The Counter Signal, Mar 25, 2022: Here are the politicians who have denounced Trudeau at the EU

"Speaking to packed public galleries, Trudeau received a standing ovation..."
RCI, Mar 23, 2022: As Trudeau warns democracy faces a ’defining moment,’ NATO reinforces its eastern flank

The Post Millennial, Mar 23, 2022: Majority of seats empty during Trudeau's speech to European Parliament

Western Standard, Mar 23, 2022: UCP flip-flops on barring Albertans’ from traffic court

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