Justice with John Carpay

S03E08 A Banana Republic With Polar Bears

February 21, 2022 The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms Season 3 Episode 8
Justice with John Carpay
S03E08 A Banana Republic With Polar Bears
Show Notes

The three days in Ottawa, from February 18th, as police attacked a peaceful protest, have revealed to the world the lack of democracy and freedom in Canada, even if our own propagandist media won't admit it. We put the events in some context, which, John says, demonstrate that our once free country has become "a banana republic with polar bears."

Canada Department of Justice Emergencies Act Backgrounder, last modified Feb 17, 2022

Daily Mail, Feb 15, 2022: PICTURED: One of the 11 men arrested carrying HUGE cache of semi-automatic weapons at Canadian border crossing hours before Trudeau's draconian declaration of emergency: Mounties admit they are NOT part of Freedom Convoy

Daily Mail, Feb 18, 2022: EXCLUSIVE: 'I don't trust the police not to lie.' Grandmother, 62, ... insists seized arms cache was planted by cops

Mark Irnie on Youtube, Feb 18, 2022: Police/ Politicians use Rhetoric to make arrests and claims of Intent

bu/ac on Twitter, Feb 18, 2022: Here’s an overhead shot of the horses trampling protestors.

Alissa Golob on Twitter, Feb 18, 2022: After this elderly woman explains to the police that she is participating in the protest for her children and grandchildren and for “peace, love and happiness”, she gets trampled by policemen on horseback.

Ian Miles Chong on Twitter, Feb 18, 2022: Police in Ottawa brutalize a protester, kneeing him until he hits the ground.

crabcrawler on Twitter, Feb 19, 2022: WATCH: Alexandra Lavoie of Rebel News gets hit in the leg by something/someone, and hit with tear gas. Apparently Ottawa Police assault journalists now.

Brian Cates on Telegram Post 30112, and Post 30113

CTV News, Feb 20, 2022: So far, no link to existing protests found in Coastal GasLink attack investigation, RCMP say

True North, Feb 17, 2022: Financial intelligence chief shuts down claims of extremist convoy funding

Dr. Paul Alexander, Feb 18, 2022: Premier Brian Peckford e-mail this morning update

Life Site News, Feb 15, 2022: Trudeau has ‘zero credibility’ on ‘democracy’ following Emergencies Act: President of El Salvador

K2 on Twitter, Feb 18, 2022: Just 2 knees to flatten your ribs. This is a peaceful protestor in Ottawa being brutally assaulted by police.

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